Brand Packaging

Packaging is a crucial component of brand real estate and a chance for brands to build genuine connections with consumers from a values-based, creative, and social viewpoint. Packaging is being redefined as a crucial component of every brand experience and a chance for brands to capitalize on the next wave of consumer and business behavior. Brand packaging is the material that encases or contains your goods and conveys your brand identity.

Importance of Brand Packaging

● Branded packaging provides a point of differentiation in a cutthroat market

Branded packaging is a useful approach to setting your product apart in the increasingly crowded online market, where US e-commerce sales are predicted to exceed $875 billion by 2022. Businesses that employ generic delivery boxes or packages run the risk of appearing repetitive. This means they are more likely to lose clients. To impress your customers and stand out, it is quite advantageous to have packaging that is specific to your business. As visual beings, humans create first impressions based on appearance. Strong visual identity is the first step in building a brand’s appeal to consumers.


● Branded packaging helps define your company’s identity and conveys its narrative.

A key component of maintaining brand consistency is delivery packaging. See it as a continuation of your brand’s digital channels all the way through to the customer’s physical experience after receiving the product. It’s a piece of the history of your brand. Consider how you can incorporate your brand’s mission, beliefs, and personality into your packaging. There are many other components to consider, but a smart place to start is by adding your logo and brand colors!


● Branded packaging can aid your online marketing approach.

Remember the excitement of opening presents on your birthday as a child? This is a more mature unpacking experience. A trend that has taken off across the internet involves buyers filming themselves opening attractively packaged goods in an “unboxing experience.” Unboxing videos on YouTube have amassed millions of views. Branded delivery packaging can have an impact on the form of user-generated material known as the unpacking experience. When a customer enjoys opening your package, they are more likely to post videos and pictures online and tag you in them.

Three Pillars of Brand Packaging


  1. Innovation

In a society of hyper-personalization and curation, the next generation of businesses, brands, and creators want to stand out. Packaging is a crucial tool that businesses can use to do this, regardless of their size or stage of development. Every client can now feel unique and connected to the goods they purchase through unwrapping experiences that tell a story because unpacking is no longer only for influencers.

  1. Sustainability

Businesses and consumers alike want to help create a world that is more sustainable for the economy, the environment, people, and communities. Receiving their online shopping in circular packaging that is either compostable, recyclable, or reusable. This can help many consumers establish their initial connection with a business on a value level. Promote your dedication through several avenues, using packaging as one of them. Your website, social media accounts, speaking engagements, and interviews are also effective places to mention your commitment to sustainability.

  1. Community

The younger generation of consumers wants to be a part of the process for the businesses they support. This is owing to the ease of access that social media and the internet provide. Packaging that promotes brand and community interaction, stimulates social media sharing, and appeals to a common set of values can strengthen this community element.

Types of Packaging

Given the ongoing advancements in portable technology, it is obvious that packaging has a significant impact on how consumers perceive the value of a product. But statistically, the packaging industry hasn’t evolved all that much in recent years. Choosing the appropriate packaging option for your goods can be challenging given the variety of packaging and box options on the market today.

Here are some examples of the various packaging choices you have to improve your product and customer experience:

● Plastic boxes

● Rigid boxes

● Foil sealed bags

● Corrugated boxes

● Paperboard boxes

● Poly bags

● Chipboard packaging


For many reasons, product packaging is now more vital than ever. The primary and most frequent justifications are to safeguard the contents of the package, for hygienic reasons, and for convenience and practicality. Brands are making the most of packaging these days and using it as a marketing tool. In other words, it makes it more than just a product delivery item.

BGM considers brand packaging to be the creative vibration that conjures up a brand’s significance and authenticity. This involves determining the brand’s identity, the purpose of the brand’s existence today and in the future to ensure sustainable growth.



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