BGM is an international marketing and branding agency with a control center based in Manhattan, USA. We partner with savvy entrepreneurs all over the world who put the end-user and brand experience at the core of what they do.

Combining the art and science of branding with the power of insight, we leverage the diverse skills of our cross-functional team, to take care of all your marketing needs to free up your time and help you achieve these growth goals:







Our ability to develop brands and sales funnels for every type of business puts us in a position to tackle the most daring brands. We simplify your marketing process and cut through the noise and clutter to reach your target audience or niche and convert them into customers


We Are Mission-Driven. Your Success Is Our Mission.
Your Passion To Attain Your Dreams Is Our Passion!


Business Growth Managers, LLC (BGM) is a growth-marketing firm that helps startups grow faster and sustainably. We leverage business development strategies, business planning, digital marketing, brand development, financial management, lead generation, public relations, and customer acquisition and retention to achieve this.

With over 50+ years of combined skills and working in over 200 industries, with large corporations and small start-ups alike, our approach is the same: “We are passionate about helping businesses MANIFEST their brands, ENGAGE their target audience to their brands, and GROW their business for the long haul.”

BGM’s Branding and Marketing department is the only of its kind to serve the needs of small and medium-sized businesses under one roof. Imagine companies within a company and experts under one roof working together for your good – this is who we are. 

At BGM, strategic teams organize expertise into specialized areas of business development or marketing, with each manager specializing in a particular discipline. We can thus help each client effectively rather than acting as a generalist.

We have experience with startups and know why most fail; we also know how to set your company up for success throughout the growth stages to gain a strong foothold in your industry.

As a full-service growth marketing agency, we help businesses achieve their revenue growth objectives by following a core strategy that encompasses marketing, sales enablement, technology, and growth strategies.

As a caring and dedicated team of experts we partner with you to help you accomplish your goals and ignite loyal consumers to your brand.

The sum of our expertise means we can leverage your entire marketing campaign to increase your ROI across various industries using our propriety branding and growth modeling techniques.


We believe every brand has something unique. Our job is to find out what makes your brand unique and then package your message and creativity accordingly to maximize your success.

Insights are the foundation of everything we do. By combining research, collaboration, creativity, and advanced analytics, we create authentic Brand DNA and Marketing Strategies. With our proprietary growth formula, our clients can deliver amazing customer experiences that are results-driven.

We understand that startup growth depends on customized services within its budget. In contrast to a traditional digital marketing agency, we focus on improving marketing KPIs and ROI by analyzing core data. Our client utilizes this information to develop products and services for business growth and apply lean startup principles.

As part of our brand building services, we also provide a clear brand model to lay the foundation for a company’s growth. In order to achieve this, we combine custom brand models with marketing, lead generation, and automated sales funnels for each service we offer. Because no two projects are alike, our packages are custom-designed to suit your budget and brand.

See a list of our main services here: Main Services

We provide peace of mind for business owners for  starting, managing, promoting and growing their business. Our clients can optimize their vision and passion with confidence by using our proprietary and proven methods.

We Differentiate Your Brand Using High Coverting Sales Copy Writing:

We believe every brand has something unique. Our job is to find what is uniquely different about your brand and package your marketing precisely for the most successful results. 

As soon as we meet with a prospective client, we ask pivotal questions in order to understand their brand persona. We listen intently with our hearts, allowing their brand identity to resonate with us. Consequently, this enables us to encapsulate and write what we feel, in order to convey this same language, meaning, message, and impact to our clients’ target audience.

More importantly, we increase your revenue by simplifying your brand’s message using our purpose branding authority The New4P™Purpose branding shakes the hand of your audience and ignites them to your big dream – your whole brand. With The New4P™, we generate awareness for your brand so that you can reach your target audience directly and convert them into customers.


We Build Your Customized Lead-Generating System Using Sales Funnels:

The digital growth marketing services we offer focus on high conversion rate optimization and customer acquisition techniques implemented into tailor-made sales funnels to generate targeted leads. This is how we ensure our clients acquire leads that are easily converted into sales.

Our sales funnels are built around your marketing message to solve a problem in your industry. We also build your funnel around about a dozen other key growth strategies. By understanding your audience and optimizing your messaging, we increase the chance of turning a visitor into a customer. Obtaining advanced data on how your audience behaves and mixed with qualitative research creates a reliable foundation for increasing conversions, which is called conversion rate optimization.

As a result, when we disseminate your marketing message online: social media posts, ads, SEM, etc, our Agile Sales Funnel™ ensures your message connects quickly to the people who need your help.


You Are Our #1 Priority:

“Creating brands that matter is our passion, so we are always striving to do more for our clients. That’s why we “hunt” for the unique treasures in their brands to bring them out of the shadows. We will never be just another agency! Where others see you as a prospect, we see YOU and want to know what makes you tick. We study how to help you because we know you have something unique to offer to the world. ~ Edith Flowers, “The Brand Manifestor” & Director of  Strategic Growth


We establish relationships between brands and people – between your brand and your target audience – locally or internationally. Similarly, we are not just working with you, we build a relationship with you to understand your changing needs as your company evolves. This is critical to us.

Timeless brands transcend the moment they become the fabric of their customers’ lives. Likewise, we meet you where you are and immerse ourselves in your brand. We help you position your company strategically for growth by skillfully revealing your brand so you can speak clearly to your audience through your choice of marketing channels.

Today you are here, maybe to get help with one or more services. Therefore, our mindset is that everything is all about you right now, because your success is our commitment. Work with us and experience the success you know your business deserves.

Our Team Specialize In Startups:


Your success is our top priority as a team. This is something you’ll never find anywhere else – we’re the jack-of-all-marketing skills. Each of us brings our strengths to the target market, working in a cross-sectional environment. The businesses we target are those that have been operating for fewer than six years, or are preparing to launch.

Whether your business is merely an idea or in the early stage of growth, we are experts at developing and growing startups and fleshing out concepts. Our marketing and branding services can take your business to the next level. 

You want results; we know that, and we are ready to listen to you. We help companies unlock their full potential early in the game and experience the power of their brand’s uniqueness. You could be the next company.

Bringing Our Clients' Dreams To Life Is Our Goal, And We Strive Hard To Achieve It:


Who Are Our Clents?

We seek a forward-looking type of client. Leaders who are unafraid of challenges, or making meaningful, heroic decisions and bold actions to create value for their dreams. The leader who is tired of just dreaming and is ready for success – this is our client.

We know you have something of value to offer to the world and we are happy to partner with you.

During our onboarding process we determine if we are the right fit and we streamline your concerns and goals and do whatever we can to accomplish them.

We Move You Quickly Through The Seven (7) Stages of Growth:

We meet you at your current stage in business and help you move quickly to the next level of the business life cyclel to build a superior brand and customer-base ina shorter time. 

Manifest – Engage - Grow

Healthy companies progress through seven (7) stages of development, and accomplish each phase in varying timeframes. With our strategies and models, we shorten each stage of growth for you while increasing market share, scalability, and sustainability. 


Direction Arrows
Stage 1


Direction Arrows
Stage 2


Direction Arrows
Stage 3


Direction Arrows
Stage 4


Direction Arrows
Stage 5


Direction Arrows
Stage 6


Stage 7

Growth Issues Are Our Specialty, and We Are Trained To Understand And Solve Them:

Changing businesses’ trajectory to achieve BIG GOALS is something our team knows how to do, so we can be assured we can assist you.

This might be you… 

You are offering something unique.

You are eager to succeed.

You like “next level” challenges and you are ready!

You like to know you have a caring team who are interested in your dream.

You want clearer differentiation for your brand, so you can become more competitive.

You want productivity without the stress and overwhelm.

You know shared work is helpful for you, so you want some help – we all need a bit of help.

And you are looking for experts to help you with these goals and concerns.

In spite of this, your concerns sometimes seem overwhelming, don’t they? What do you think about these? Are they any of your concerns?

You feel like you’ve had enough!

You’ve launched your company, but things aren’t working out.

You realize that you don’t have enough money to pay marketing experts.

You are not producing the results, but losing customers instead.

Your sales and marketing teams can’t see eye to eye and this is causing a bottleneck in progress.

You are searching all over the Internet for help and tried a few things but they are ineffective.

You don’t know much about digital marketing.

You don’t have time to work on brand building.

You don’t have agile or growth marketing experience.

You don’t have project management experience.

And your marketing unit is not producing what you expected.

You also don’t want to focus on the technical stuff involved in marketing.

You realize that you don’t have time to learn marketing and you are looking to outsource.

Furthermore, you’re spending too much and you want to see more results for your marketing dollars.

You want faster results with more revenue.

You’ve needed a solution for a long time now.

And many marketing companies have failed to deliver on their promises….

Ouch! We know…


So here is the GOOD NEWS! 


You no longer have to endure these annoying setbacks ever again, because we are dedicated to your brand’s success and care about your results. Furthermore, we free up your time to enable you to focus on your core competencies and the type of work you know you were born to do. Now, you can go shopping, and take care of yourself and family, and spend more time with your loved ones the way you’ve always wanted – right? 🤗

From now on, you will no longer feel the burden of figuring out the most effective way to get more clients. Taking the steps toward your BIG GOALS is possible today if you press the restart button.



We’re Your Growth Marketing Team and an annex to your Marketing Department. We launch your brand, set-up and manage your social marketing and other online campaigns, design your creatives, write and authenticate your content, build your audience and email list, launch your products or services and automate your sales. Boom!

Let’s dive in – see a few things below that will happen a month from now when you sign up with us… 

A month from now you can…

Partner with our winning team to transform your brand and achieve financial growth.  


You have the right mindset and the passion to succeed. We have the right strategies and can create the ideal models to help you succeed! Just start a conversation with us and tell us about your business.


All you need to do is start a conversation with us and tell us about your business and what you’d like to accomplish.



Business Growth Managers (BGM) was founded by Edith Flowers. It was owned by Wealth Assurance Partners, LLC as dba. Biz Plans MasterMinds and AskEdithAboutBizPlans.com and started as a Financial Management firm where Edith honed her skill in streamlining revenue, business planning, and branding for small and medium-sized startups. Between 2016-2023 BGM transformed into a small marketing firm and led us to create The New4P™ and The Agile Sales Funnel™ as tools to maximize growth for startups. 


Communication was fantastic and Vee you are incredibly talented. I really appreciate all your help. I could never have done this project without you! Thank you! I will be back with my next order soon. So happy to have found you. Highly recommended 🙂

Funkon (United Kingdom)

Edith has strong financial analytical and development skills which helped our company immensely in our constant assessment, improvement and integration of our business model. I’m confident she will be able to make an immediate as well as positive impact on any organization.

Maria Tamburro - Operations Director - New York City, NY, USA GRB Environmental, Inc (Engineer firm)

Emran did good work for our new website. Patient and spend a lot of time on zoom getting things right. Thank you.

Gary Simpson (United Kingdom)

(Vee) is Quick easy and super professional!

Shelby Cavanaugh (Australia)

I am impressed by every member of our Entely global team, especially their ability to ensure a smooth transition for our prior consulting form. We really value the team’s input to our revenue recognition approach and their deep expertise with QuickBooks and Bill.com transactions. Each member of the team is detailed, professional, and a pleasure to work with.

Ben Bohannon - Managing Member and Founder Think! Office Solutions, LLC

Shamik went above and beyond to help me make my perfect logo. Sending me designs to help me modify and pick my final favorite was very nice, before paying! Thank you, I will be a repeat customer in the future for sure!

B. Semmler (Germany)

Josh is an integral part of our Team. He does incredible work! Always a pleasure working with Josh. Intuitive, Skilled and Professional. Perfect.

Lilaccity Group (United States)

Adeela is an experienced web designer and developer…I needed a somewhat complex website to serve as the landing page for a service I offer. Not only did she design a very sleek and useful website, but she also was able to do some complex coding that your average Joe wouldn't be able to pull off. Not only does the product produces rock (the original design was so good that I requested ZERO modifications - literally not one), and She is super helpful throughout the entire process. I plan on building another site in the next few months and I will be happy to use Adeela's services again. Thank you!!!!

Hum Gomes (Netherlands)

I only wish I had met Edith and worked with her from the beginning of my 20 years in business, we would have saved tremendous effort and time. Within less than a year with us Edith transformed our company’s financials by implementing a new streamlined system that has brought the simplicity, efficiency and productivity that we absolutely needed. Edith gave my business the personalized attention that is second to none. I highly recommend her service.

Jacqueline (JJ) Falk - Managing Principal - New York City, NY, USA JJ Falk Design LLC (Architectural Interior Design firm)

Graphicsfox/Josh Did a fantastic job for us. He was timely and his communication was great. Every time we requested a change he managed to do exactly what we asked and made our design look so much better than we imaged. We will be recommending him to our friends and using him for any future work.

Jolash Brook (Australia)

Viswa and team were great as usual. The returns were completed well within time and excellent communication throughout. It has been great working with them over the years.

Meril Maman (Italy)

Vee design did an excellent job on the graphic work I needed. Well done.

Nicole Peled (Israel)

He (Josh) has an amazing talent for creating the right message through his process. I highly recommend it.

Wiseinv (United States)

It was very easy to work with Emran. He did great work with very fast turn-around and well under the timeline that I had given him.

Kevin Trudeaukt (United States)

Adeela did an amazing job on our website, really went above our expectations. Not only did she deliver ahead of schedule but listened to our direction, was patient with all our revisions and was great at adding her own touches. I'm very impressed and satisfied, the value of her service is incredible. I will definitely use her again!

Gem Jhon (United Kingdom)

My taxes are a little more complicated than most due to being a foreign LLC owner…Viswa was the ONLY person who actually knew what he was doing. Viswa told me the truth, not what I wanted to hear, and that’s why I chose him. He has helped me through a very stressful process, and I’d be happy to recommend his service.

Hepha Estuseu (United Kingdom)

Very kind cooperation. All our demands were implemented very quick and clean. We will continue working with vee_designz! 🙂

M Junik (Germany)

Very satisfied (with Vee’s ) professional and fast custom photoshop work !

Titan Castle (United States)

Super easy to work with. (Josh) was very understanding with the few changes as I forgot to mention a couple things at first. AND the product looked very professional and clean. Overall, highly recommend.

Tee Sing (United States)

I recommend those who need a customize website software or eCommerce business to launch in the market, then this is the place to start with. Best UI/UX design & development companies in Asp.net platform. Aggstrom (United States)

Aggstrom (United States)

Best logo designer ever!! Extremely fast service! I had zero ideas how my logo should look like, but he had tons of ideas and options for me!!! He was willing to make multiple changes until I made my last decision! Awesome job! Thank you!!!

M Irchevea (United States)

As a start-up poised to launch very soon, working with Edith and The New4P™ was an eye opener for me. It effortlessly opened up a deeper understanding of a plan of action that provided a seamless blueprint to follow for the success of my company - a success that is tailored exclusively for my company and me as its founder. This intricate yet clear perspective has given me the advantage of championing the ideal solution for my market, my industry and my ideal customer. Now I’m able to project my brand in a fine-tuned and targeted fashion to my audience and know how to move forward and market my brand with predictive results

Karen Sivertsen, PhD - President & CEO - Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates Neolaía FZE (Organic Skin Care Products firm)

Emran took the time to understand my issues. And pointed out several internal issues I had with my website.

H Jean Lou (United States)

Couldn't recommend (Vee) highly enough. Very good communication and execution of request. Well worth every dollar spent!

Jayo (United States)

Adeela, is excellent to work with and does really good work, A+++ would recommend to anyone looking for any website development of any kind.

Rhys Vanmaris (Australia)

5 Star Across the board for (Vee)!!!! AMAZING WORK!

Lynn Smith (United States)

Logo Expert is AMAZING to work with! Lightning fast and very customer focused. I look forward to working with them again and again!

Kayiemem (United States)

Great experience and quality end product. (Josh) did everything I asked and made any changes I asked without hesitation, would defiantly work with him again! Thank you.

Popupplaces (United Kingdom)

My experience with iwebnext team is stellar. Not only they have great taste in design, but they guide you through the process and beyond. Their customer service is great, and I am now building another website with them. They instantly knew what we wanted to accomplish, they were fast, responsive and relatively affordable. From start to finish there was always a strong level of respect & understanding for the goal at hand.

Aanu Gopald (United States

Very responsive. (Vee) Helped me out of a pinch and the graphics look TREMENDOUS!! I highly recommend and will use in the future when i have graphic design needs.

David Wiener (United States)

My biggest obstacle when I met with Edith was organizing my campaign. Using The New4P™ she gave me a holistic approach, across the entire daycare foundation and processes. She helped me fine-tune and focus on the key factors to build my brand and helped me visualize a plan that matched exactly what I want to accomplish. I really loved how she took me from where I was to a place where I was sure how to differentiate myself from my competitors and re-brand my company. Revamping and introducing a more professional image of my daycare and introducing stellar resources gave me clarity and a simple plan to success.

Lakeisha Small, RN - CEO & Owner - Queens, New York D Little Angels Daycare (Daycare firm)

Fantastic collaboration, communication, and delivery! Before I found Logo Expert (Shamik), I hired two other people to do my logo, but none delivered what I wanted. He delivered exactly what I envisioned. I wish I found him sooner! I highly recommend!

Catalina Magee (United States)

Fantastic collaboration, communication, and delivery! Before I found Logo Expert (Shamik), I hired two other people to do my logo, but none delivered what I wanted. He delivered exactly what I envisioned. I wish I found him sooner! I highly recommend!

Catalina Magee (United States)

Fantastic Work. Vee can make your ideas come to life. Absolutely perfect as usual. Exceptional work. Vee is so professional and provides the best service. I'm a regular customer and will be back again soon.. 🙂

Funkon (United Kingdom)

Emran is a very GOOD Landing page designer….We are very satisfied with the results. Good quality work. Highly recommend.

Timor Bridge (Singapore)

Adeela is an excellent Shopify developer. Good Communicator and responds very fast. Working with such a professional dev is always a treat. Would like to work with her on future projects.

Manish Pardeshi ( India)

Absolutely fantastic to work with. Josh was patient and a pro, and his aesthetic was excellent. Best experience ever - incredibly recommended!

Jonathan (United States)

I was very satisfied with Viswa CPA's work. I have always done my own personal taxes through HR Block but this year things were a little too complicated. His price was reasonable and he helped me through all of the steps. At at the end he filed everything, there was basically no work for me at all except for gathering all of my docs.

Hollida (United States)

Emran did a fantastic job. He is absolutely amazing, totally reliable. First class!!! 100% recommend. Thanks a lot for this awesome job!!!

Suy Genneris (Argentina)

Edith brings a dynamic approach to entrepreneurship to deliver clear, precise and fast results. As a valuable part of our outsourced finance team, she helps our company evaluate and execute alternate ways to measure cost, growth and profitability to meet our goals.

Sana Hamad VR Networks Inc. (IT Solutions Company) Managing Partner, VR Networks Inc.

Love my logo (Vee) ! Great job

R Dapro (United States)

Emran, thank you so much for a phenomenal (e-commerce) job. You took a very difficult project (redesigning the whole website with over 40K items) and delivered it ahead of time….you met every timeline and your understanding of the project was superb. The work quality is second to none. I’m very sure sales will increase because of your work.

Min James (United States)

Excellent service! First Class Design!

W P Nunn (United States)

Great! He (Josh) took my vision and created something amazing!

Valeria Major (United States)

Vee went above and beyond to make sure the project was done right.

BJT Global (United States)