Branded Content Development   

What’s in a brand? Everything!

New-age companies have begun to shift towards creative marketing techniques to make their
products stand out. This has created the need for a unique voice within a saturated niche.
Ironically, companies often attempt to recreate the design genius of another to emulate trends for the sake of “standing out.” The solution is consistent brand content development. 

Why Should Companies Have Branded Content Development?

“Good content is not storytelling; it is telling your story well”- Ann Handley 

According to modern marketers, the only form of marketing relevant to today’s world of growing e-commerce and business globalization is content creation. 

An intelligent marketing idea or articulate strategy can do no good to a company unless it is clearly communicated to the targeted consumer base through well-created and professionally designed branded content.

Just as world-class brands like Nike, Facebook, and Google outsource their operations to enhance work efficiency, the best thing a growing company can do to perfect its content creation is to outsource this task to professional advertisers.

However, what will a company achieve by doing that?

Branded content development; the ultimate key to achieving lasting consumer loyalty, and shaping consumer perception.

What is Branded Content Development?

Branded content development is content that is consistent across all platforms. It is a popular marketing practice, which means having the content for a print ad, campaign, or video produced, created, and designed by a professional advertiser or an external advertising agency.

This content aligns with the brand’s overarching goals and the tone they have maintained on other marketing platforms.  

Just like the goal of every other marketing strategy or practice, branded content development also aims to achieve enhanced brand and product awareness. It does this by relating the company or brand’s core concepts, ideas, and identity with professionally-developed content that resonates the same values. In short, it is custom content that is personal to a brand.

In today’s world of growing e-commerce and infinite competition, the best marketing strategy a company can invest in is developing branded content.

What Makes Branded Content Development Different from Traditional Content Marketing?

Branded content development usually revolves around outsourcing, sponsoring, or paying for partnership with an advertiser or the media to create content that is focused on being entertaining and attention-grabbing. On the other hand, content marketing is about producing ads or content that can offer value or be helpful for the targeted consumer

While content marketing is usually done on traditional platforms, such as TV, radio, or billboards, branded content is developed for unique media platforms, such as YouTube videos or podcasts. 

The Perks of Branded Content Development

64% of users reported favoring a product after coming across their branded social media video. A brand strategy goes across the borders of one particular kind of marketing. Instead, it merges social media, website, and paid marketing into one, creating cohesion across all platforms through content, color, and logo consistency.
  • Improved audience reach
  • A company can increase its consumer base and increase their sales
  • Enhanced consumer retention and loyalty 
  • Makes the company unique and easily-identifiable 
  • Drive more traffic through interactive content on multiple platforms
  • Build trust in a brand
  • Utilize credibility to convert traffic
Long Term Benefits: In the long term, branded content can be utilized to create a reputable name within a saturated market niche. This attracts more customers and builds brand loyalty.

How to Approach Branded Content Development

Here are some beginner tips:
  • Seek to inform and move away from promotional lingo
  • Cater to the audience
  • Align with the brand’s vision
  • Ensure the content is in line with the purpose
  • Hire a professional team

Final Thoughts:

Branded content development is key to building brand awareness and trust amongst the audience. Utilize this strategy to achieve more traffic and build more conversions today.

Unless a growing company resorts to more modern and unique forms of content creation, their struggles for market survival and growth will never end.

Hence, if you own a company that needs to reach a greater targeted audience, the best idea is to invest in a professional advertiser for the development of branded content.


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