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Businesses trying to break into the market need to cultivate the right brand image and message early on. Your company needs to have a strong, positive brand presence, and we help you build this quickly.


Save Time And Avoid Mistakes By Hiring Us As Your Business Startup Consultant. We Help Put Your Business On The Industry Radar And Build Your Brand From Scratch

Branding is vital for any business owner regardless of their business size – it is how your brand is perceived. Usually, the first impression sticks in people’s minds and becomes part of their perception. From the start, your brand is like you, just as you are the face of your company. This makes branding the most valuable asset to building your business reputation.

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Kick-Start, Create & Customize Your Company Flawlessly With Our Start-Up Kits.

Starting your own company can be exciting, overwhelming, and sometimes even scary. There are a lot of research and tasks that need to be completed. Forms need to be completed, registration, licenses, permits, and a ton of other things you may not have thought about.

Our Startup Kits are carefully divided to take care of each segment of the process at 5 premium levels. We have everything that’s needed. Our services help keep your business compliant and create the optimal environment to remove the time-intensive work and hassle from your start-up experience.

Stand Out From The Competition With The Best-in-class Brand identity And Marketing Solutions For Your Business.

Our Startup Kits are the fastest way to turn your passion into revenue. This is because we provide what’s needed for you to lay the foundation of your business and connect to your target audience quickly.

We have 5 (five) personalized Business Kits that are affordable so you don’t have to rely on DIY (Do-It-Yourself) methods that are time-consuming and prone to error. Using our DFY (Done-For-You) installation service is like plug-and-play.



Browse all Five (5) Business Startup Kits Here:

Lock in a Kit for a one-time fee. Save time and money by hiring us as your Business Startup Consultant. By purchasing our Business Startup Consulting Packages, you receive valuable, personable help.


Registration & Launch Kit

There are so many steps to starting a successful business, and it can feel daunting. We’re here to make sense of it all and help you get on the right path. We will check if the business name you want to use is available, and file all the required forms to make it official. We remove the guesswork with our checklists and comprehensive solutions to facilitate progress.


Branding & Marketing Kit

It’s tough when your startup doesn’t have brand recognition. In order to set-up your business to win, we offer connections and partnership for you to outsource non-core tasks such as Branding and Marketing so you can focus on what you do best.


Financial Planning Kit

Startups continue to succeed, but for some startups, the odds are stacked against them. So you can accomplish your dreams early in the game, we help you navigate quickly to build financial stability.


Non-Profit Set-up Kit

We work directly with a skilled nonprofit Attorney to prepare your paperwork at a fraction of the cost of other providers. Our personalized approach takes you through the entire process of forming your nonprofit that not only ensures you get IRS tax-exempt approval. We do everything for you so you don’t need to worry about mistakes and to ensure your long-term success.


Long Term Growth Kit

Once You Sign Up For One of Our First 4  Startup Kits, You’ll Have Ongoing Access To Our Business Operational Help And Discounted Digital Marketing Program For Five Years Through Our “Long Term Growth Kit”


Benefits Of Our StartUp Kits

✨ KnowledgeAs an entrepreneur and startup company, you gain immediate access to expertise and knowledge. Learning curves are shortened when the guessing game is eliminated. 

✨ Get expert help: You receive hands-on operational setup and leading practice guidance from highly experienced professionals to assist with key objectives.

✨ Strong alliance: We build a strategic and beneficial partnership with you as we solve startup problems. You utilize our knowledge to navigate quickly through the setup process rather than starting from ground zero.

✨ ClarityYou understand the beginning stages of business much better. We give you a simple, clear, but detailed action plan. We help you make objective decisions instead of not seeing your options clearly.

✨ ConfidenceWhen you have clarity, this removes the fear of making mistakes. Rather than becoming anxious or worried about failure, you gain more confidence to seize market opportunities.

✨ Stronger Team Culture: Having a clear mission, and vision helps emphasize values and the success of your customer strategies to your team. Aligning your team to customer value builds a close-knit community and stronger team culture with a shared vision, care, and passion.

✨ Understand your market and industry faster: You expand the scope of knowledge about your target market and competitors. Understanding where you fit and where you have the largest traction will help you know your customers to the same degree as you do your company.

✨ Agility and Vision: You develop an innovative edge and keep improving your business models, processes, and portfolio. This allows you to understand the needs of your market, and adapt to disruptive technologies and changes in market conditions. Your improved vision becomes invaluable to keeping your business sustainable.

✨ Better Customer Support: You deliver your products and services with a personal touch and create a uniquely personal experience for your customers. This allows your customers to build lasting relationships with specific offerings and responsive solutions.

✨ Avoid costly mistakes and pitfalls: You make better decisions from the beginning so that you move forward quickly.

✨ Stronger foundation: Lay the foundation of a strong organization with defined business processes and operational procedures.

✨ Flexibility: You will have the ability to fulfill unique needs and demands for your products and services. This adds continuity to customer relationships and enables you to respond to emergencies while focusing on your core strengths.


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