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We partner with Startup businesses to help them transform their business ideas into powerful authentic brands that connect with their target audience and convert them into customers. 


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With its centralized office located in Manhattan, Business Growth Managers (BGM) is a team of expert Growth Managers, Digital Marketers, Growth Marketers, Social Media Marketers, Advertisers, Financial Managers, and Creative Designers with global experience in digital growth marketing services.

As a team, we have the shared goal to help businesses thrive in today’s highly competitive environment. We implement growth formula combinations that optimize brands for better marketing results, empowering entrepreneurs to grow their business faster, and help startups with growth marketing in NYC, all over the USA and the world.

Why Do We Use Growth Marketing Instead
Of Traditional Marketing?

Growth Marketing grows businesses faster, leaner and stronger. To navigate the challenges that accompany a startup business, startups need a competitive advantage that growth marketing adds to help them remain in business for the long haul

Fortune 100 organizations have adopted growth marketing services as an agile way of developing result-oriented marketing strategies. It is the scientific and financial approach to marketing with techniques that focus on the treasure (the unique value) within a service or product targeted to a specific audience. 

This unique value is explored to leverage the best way to convert the target audience to customers and is the fastest cash-converter for the business.

Digital growth marketing services are all about building a brand that effectively solves a problem for a type of consumer and speaking only to that one customer type while observing their behavior and adjusting the strategies to get the best results from marketing.

Your company grows faster in the short term and scales in the long term. With our growth marketing services focusing on the right metrics and key financial analytics, you can create more efficient strategies that lead to a higher ROI and more revenue.

No wonder Fortune 100 companies use growth marketing as their technique to innovate brands for rapid growth. When done correctly, growth marketing gives smaller businesses an advantage over bigger competitors. 

To hire a growth marketing agency in NYC, that has team members in several countries with multiple expertise, means your growth plans are not only centered on marketing that generates more revenue and strengthens your brand but we understand the global expansion of your brand.

You can feel confident to hire our business growth agency to help you with your marketing needs.

Brand building done with startup growth marketing techniques is what all companies need in order to grow into sustainable businesses

Successful brand building starts with uncovering a unique spin on an existing solution or finding a new solution for a problem of a target customer. You’ll use this solution as the focal point of your product or service to build a powerful, unique business model. 

When you set the groundwork for your business model in this way, you’ll be able to write your answer to your target consumer, letting them know that you’re here, capable, and ready to provide them with exactly what they’ve been looking for. More importantly, they will be ready to buy what you’re offering.

This establishes your brand as an entity with a clear purpose and mission to solve a problem that is demanded, and you can best supply the needs of those who demand this solution.

Converting your target audience to new customers will never be a problem, as you build all your marketing messages around this business model. As long as you fulfill the expected solution that your brand has promised and keep abreast with digital trends and changes in your market, revenue growth will never be a problem for you.

You’ll have a brand that is solid because you remain forthright, relevant, thriving, and sustainable, always re-inventing, iterating, testing, and improving. This is brand building at its best and not many startups can afford to pay experts to mastermind these essential growth formulas that enable businesses to achieve better results from their marketing dollars. 

However, BGM is a growth marketing and digital growth agency that can help startups experience the benefits of growth marketing at an affordable cost.

Manifest - Engage - Grow

Superior brands don't happen by chance, they are seamlessly crafted by manifesting their true purpose to exist


At BGM, we help Startup companies shorten their growth stages by clarifying their business model and brand to reveal their unique solution that will accelerate the impact of their online and digital marketing. We build processes that work fast and move their business fast to help them establish real results in a shorter time.

Our end-to-end solution unfolds from insights ranging from concept brainstorming, business planning, branding blueprint, and marketing, to the moment your brand communicates with the consumer.

We don’t work with you unless we see the clear message of your brand’s solution first, because we want to ensure rapid improvement and growth of your business. This is our growth formula and it works.

By developing your brand, we expand your business

Brand awareness is very important to business growth and the quintessential element for strong business models. That is why we grow businesses by first capturing the unique value of the brand and the differentiation of its purpose in a language that speaks to the target audience. 

A brand is not just a logo, a website, colors, a name, a service, or a product – a brand is the soul, mind, heart, and life of a business. As such, we elevate brands through Purpose Branding by unraveling a strong verbal branding strategy around your brand model for tangible impact in your market.


Our main strategy & model

Growth Marketing (Agile Marketing) is our main strategy, and Customer Value Optimization and Purpose Branding model is our strategic deployment to leverage Agile Marketing.

We call this the New Marketing method – The New4P™ Advanced Success System. While easy and simple, The New4P™ catalyzed from people-centric concepts, is versatile and flexible to draw out the unique ability of brands. Utilizing over a dozen strategies, The New4P™ helps companies have a clear targeted value proposition and gain the ability to respond to changes in their market and industry.

We believe in connectivity, collaboration and creativity


Everything we do is done with a personable touch because we thrive on the human satisfaction of brands, and the synergy of people-centered partnerships. That is why we are passionate about revealing bold brands that collaborate, connect and create innovation that can compete with the future. 


We hold our clients in high esteem, and we take time to serve their needs so they deliver their true value to those who will find their offering very valuable.


By building up-to-date high-converting websites, sales funnels, landing pages, bolstered by strategic connectivity, collaboration, and creative strategies we iterate, retarget and optimize and keep improving for the best results.


We craft the best content & sales copy that speaks volume

With clear goals, features, and benefits of your brand, we gather the market and industry research data to streamline your company’s competitive advantage, your target market, customer psychographics, and your sales goal. Our Copywriter crafts your message. Then we launch all the strategies in the best digital arena suitable to your brand.

Like Our Tagline says:
Manifest - Engage - Grow

Let us make Big Things happen for your Business. Find out for yourself – get a complimentary Strategy Plan today.

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We focus on Purpose Branding to brainstorm your offering and strategically target, position, align, and analyze your portfolio of products or services in a way that is clear to your target market; so when you speak it resonates with them at the emotional level to drive purchase.
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With Purpose Branding, we create a social impact to leverage the ability to analyze the customer experience along the digital channels. We create a tailored CVO (Customer Value Optimization) model that synchronizes beyond AI and digital until it reaches human interaction for easy optimization.
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Our growth modeling strategies perform on agile (growth marketing) to improve speed, predictability, transparency, and adaptability to changes in the market. We use these strategies for brand positioning that pivots on fresh ideas, long-term competitive advantage, and consistent top-tier revenue growth.

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