Our Brand Growth Marketing & Copywrite experts work in one accord to conceptualize, implement and communicate the most valuable highlights of your Brand and Business to your Target Market.

We craft Growth Plans for start-ups that are ready for refinement, scaling, and becoming established businesses. If you want considerable growth, we deliver game-changing results in a fraction of the time with better ROI and customer retention.


Marketing Accelerator

Better Branding Strategies Means Better Marketing Results, More Customers, More Financial Gain

Savvy business leaders know that the science of selling is marketing, and branding is the art of marketing. Expert branding optimizes marketing results. We help you reveal your brand identity and communicate it in a clear and impactful way to engage countless more customers. You get to maximize your digital authority and revenue using our Marketing Accelerator.

Our Marketing Accelerator Has Two Growth Drivers:

Manifest – Engage - Grow

Brand Model Development

(Resource: The New4P™ + Purpose Branding + Customer Value Optimization)

We refine your brand offering to create your Brand Identity or troubleshoot rebranding. We then map out your Brand Manifestation and inject our proprietary formula The New4P™ for rapid branding and lead generation. This is your Brand Model Development.

After your strategy session, we conduct thorough research in your market to analyze the industry of your business – its competitiveness, differentiation, target market, etc.

Your positioning statement (a.k.a. differentiation, or unique selling point) is analyzed so we have a clear view of how your customers should perceive you.

We clarify your marketing message to summarize the problem you’re solving and the unique reason(s) WHY people should use your product or service.

We build a model of your buyer persona (a.k.a. model customer or customer persona or target audience). At this point, you should see clearly the characteristic, behavior, demographics, and psychographics, among other details, of your target audience.

Knowing your value and how you want to be perceived will get you ready to mold the brand image: how you intend for your audience to see you or recognize your brand. Things like colors, whether it is high-class, diversity, etc.

Your skills, values, maturity, story, credentials, and benefits will start fleshing out to reveal what you think and know about your brand and…the depth of your brand’s message to solve its target market problem.

We fine-tune the answers to these questions: Who you are? What is the tone of your voice, values, and vision? What is the mind, heart, and soul of your business? What makes you tick? How do you affect and impact your industry and market?


Brand Marketing & Growth Plan

(Resource: Agile Marketing + Digital Strategies + Financial Data Analytics)

Whether B2C or B2B, whether product or service-oriented, we create the blueprint model version of your Brand Identity that set-up your company to scale. We keep iterating to solidify your brand and save you money on marketing expenses. Because your brand is solid you’re able to build repeat business and retain customers who are sold out on your brand’s integrity to solve their problems.

Brainstorming the right strategies to meet the goals and needs of your target audience is important. We build your marketing message, customer experience strategies, and digital campaign from your Brand Model that we developed together.

This is the most important part – how and where to implement your blueprint? We let you know where most of your target audience populates in the digital world and make sure your implementation is where your market “populates/hang out”. We use Growth Marketing (a.k.a. Agile Marketing), combined with innovative Customer Value Optimization and Purpose Branding.

We unravel the mode for your message, the ad copy, what types of ad copies to use and where to use them, how they should look and feel, and how they should reflect the Brand Growth Plan. 

We create a Sales Funnel Model that works with ANY marketing campaign in ANY marketing channel, using a mix of research, AI, observations and intuition. We use content planning tools, and integrate social platforms to collaborate on edits and schedules via an intuitive content calendar. Then, we integrate tools throughout digital paths, like social posts, and engaging tactics, combined with relationship marketing.

We continue to build your brand awareness with your target audience through interactive experiences, phone calls, video chats, communication of their responses, adaption of your content to boost further awareness and likeability of your brand, etc. We ensure your audience has many ways to reach you especially in-person connections.

We continue optimizing the customer experience to enhance value, and learn more about your target audience. Here, we get creative and use several new “secret” strategies to retarget for better conversions, retention, and increased ROI. With the ideas we gain from your customers’ behavior we process improved ideas to enhance and create a high-quality targeted content strategy with a ‘wow’ factor.

Now it’s time to elevate your brand by gathering and analyzing sales and marketing data, algorithms, and AI to develop an Improved Growth Model based on past results. We test new hypotheses and patterns to develop new insights to monitor your marketing, sales, and financial health effectively.  We set predictable metrics against internal and external operations to measure and solve issues and project progress, financial growth, and improved business productivity.


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