Press Release Writing & Distribution

When a company is being called out for a mistake or is expected to express an official opinion on a social matter, a timely press release is required.

No matter how creative or unique a company’s ad campaign or content is, if it fails to successfully communicate the company’s message, gain the required exposure, or build consumer understanding and trust, its targeted audience will not have much reason to pay attention to it or trust it. 

Apart from creating awareness, a company needs to get word out to clear its name, protect itself against negative press, make a public announcement, or announce an official apology. Whenever a company faces such situations, the best way to handle this is via an official press release. 

What is a Press Release?

A press release is a popular term used for an official statement or announcement that is either made by a public figure or a company.

The press release is always well-planned, carefully scripted, and delivered to different kinds of news media outlets, such as the newspaper, an online news bulletin, or a television news channel.

Regardless of where or how a press release is made, it is always intended to provide necessary information, make an official announcement, or publicize an official launch or release. 

What Are the Key Components of a Successful Press Release?

  • Before making a press release, ensure that the timing is relevant
  • The beginning paragraph should be interesting enough to attract its audience
  • The press release should contain relative quotes and examples to enhance its understanding
  • There shouldn’t be any words or concepts that could potentially be offensive to its audience
  • The press release should have well-structured body, with a headline, a summary, and multiple paragraphs

When Should Companies Do a Press Release?

  • Before the launch of a new product or line
  • When it is accused of a wrongdoing
  • When its targeted audience demand an official statement or apology
  • When a sensitive social cause requires attention

Why Should a Company Do a Press Release?

  • A well-written and timely addressed press release is one of the most powerful communication tools
  • It can help the brand or company gain exposure, increase its consumer base, and improve its annual sales
  • A press release can be an excellent marketing strategy to get word out about a company
  • When a press release is done to directly address an audience, it helps develop trust, understanding, and lasting loyalty in consumers

Final Thoughts

When a company is being called-out for a mistake or is expected to express an official opinion on a social matter, the best tip is to do a timely press release.Not only is the message communicated clearly, but the overall consumer understanding, trust, and loyalty improved as a result. 

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