Text Marketing

Text marketing has surprising benefits for the growth and promotion of your business. Here is why.

Consumers are constantly bombarded with a ton of information daily, causing them to lose interest easily. In many cases, they even block emails or social media notifications to filter out unnecessary information. However, there’s one effective way to market to your target audience in real-time – text marketing!

Why Use Text Marketing?

The intimacy and efficiency of text marketing make it an excellent way to communicate with potential customers. Here is why:
  • Everybody needs a short and precise reminder that grabs their attention immediately.
  • Text marketing puts out a specific and clear-cut advertisement that delivers its message during a short attention span that lasts seconds.
  • Text marketing is an affordable and engaging marketing tool for businesses and companies.

In short, text marketing isn’t just a promotional tool. It allows your company to be visible in front of your customers every time they pick up their phone in a day, which is more than 150 times.

Is Text Marketing Effective?

Most people worldwide use a cellphone and are more likely to open a text message than an email or a social media notification. A text message comes with a notification alert, which increases the chance of a customer opening the message and reading it.

If you still think that text marketing is not an effective way for your business promotion? Sit back and read the following advantages of using texting for business growth. You’re in for a wild ride.


More Compact and Reliable Than Email Marketing:

Text marketing guarantees that the customers will open the message. It also bypasses the spam folder that promotional emails usually get stuck in.

Connect With New and Existing Customers:

Text marketing acquires new audiences through easy ways to opt in, and engages existing customers by sending timely and accurate text messages.

Increase Customer Engagement:

Creative message delivered via text marketing engages the audience for immediate promotions, sales, and other promotional events. 

Promotes Two-Way Interaction:

Text marketing encourages quick responses from customers using a two-way SMS service.

How to Decide Whether You Need Email or Text Marketing for Your Business?

Can you send your message within 300 characters or less? If yes, do you want to reach your customers directly so they can read your message immediately? If you said yes again, then text marketing is the perfect tool for your business growth.


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