Visual Identity Graphic Design

Summary: Visual Identity graphics create design elements for brand conceptualization and brand identity using logos, and utilizing colors, shapes, sizes, and images to create brand personality and consistency that will be used across various media.

Examples of Visual Identity Graphic Designs

There are a variety of examples: Typography, Vector, Infographic, Magazine, Catalog, Banners, Brochures, Flyers, Brand Packages, Mobile App Logos, Invitations, Business Cards, Letterheads, Billboards, Presentations, Corporate Identity, Icons, Patterns, Emoji, Symbols, Patterns Illustrations, GIF, etc.


What to Expect from Our Help

A brand is more than a relationship between a business and its audience. Brand identity is how a company communicates its personality, essence, memories, tones, experiences and emotions to the people it serves. And visual identity is exactly that…the visual elements of a brand. Our hardworking team possess excellent conceptual and creative skills to design the most suitable visual aesthetics for your brand. With our combined knowledge of industry trends and competitive analysis we have the ability to create design elements that are suitable for all types of media. We’ll take into account your brand image, color palettes, typography and create your unique visual guidelines.


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