The task of marketing your business should never have a deadline. Prospects who are interested in your coaching, choose to join your email list, or buy your products should always be coming your way.

Your sales funnel is the route that potential customers take from their initial exposure to your products and services to your most expensive service, which is typically 1:1 coaching. You are entirely in control of the offers you make along this funnel path, and they often adhere to a progressive price increase.

Here are some ways to consistently attract clients into your funnel, no matter what time of year:

1. Be consistent with your marketing

Make use of sponsorship and networking opportunities in the real world. Post on social media every day. Engage potential customers on your page, in your personal profile, or in public groups. To post during holidays or while you are on vacation, use scheduling tools or third-party schedulers. You will become well-known if you are consistent.

2. Keep your offers relevant and up to date.

When was the last time you modified your opt-in bonus or invented a new product? Maintaining awareness of the requirements and preferences of your target market demonstrates your commitment to meeting their needs, which will win you their loyalty.

3. Tell your audience what you offer.

Don’t assume that everyone knows you’re a coach. Even your most devoted supporters, who have followed you, can forget the name of your hallmark course unless you inform them. Don’t be frightened to sell because you run a “for profit” company. not just through social media, but also through your email databases.

4. Run an introductory special or one-time coupon

For membership groups, introductory specials like a $1 for a 7-day trial work well(Use these deals sparingly). If you offer discount specials too frequently, your customers will just wait until the next sale to make a purchase. When rewarding a small audience, such as webinar participants or podcast listeners when you are a guest on someone else’s podcast, think about offering a coupon discount. Always be sure to include a deadline in any offer of this nature.

5. Contact current clients and customers. 

Did you know that the likelihood of selling to an existing customer is between 60 and 70 percent, compared to only 2 to 20 percent for a cold contact? These warm leads are already in your funnel, but perhaps they require a little push to move on to the next stage. This push could come via a nice, affable phone call or email from you. Even if they claim they are not interested at the moment, they might know someone else who does.

Finally, when it comes to your marketing initiatives, be imaginative. Your creativity is your sole constraint, so express your personal side, interact with others online, invite email subscribers to ask you questions, and post some live videos to your social media feeds.

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