Over the last several years, the number of young people using Snapchat has nearly doubled, from 100 million to nearly 200 million users – with more than 75 percent of users actively using the app. This rapid expansion dwarfs that of Facebook or Twitter to it. Snapchat is difficult to grasp or to use, it is one of the most significant social media channels for reaching today’s younger generations of shoppers.

How You Can Boost Sales Via Snapchat?

Snapchat was founded initially for individuals to post numerous photos and unique cuisines from all over the world, but it evolved and became the marketing center for marketers to target their younger customers – because most of its users are under 35.

But how can you become engaged in a way that will help your company in the long run? Here are five Snapchat hacks for increasing sales by establishing an engaged and engaging audience that will feel linked to your business on a deeper and personal level and will want to buy from your brand.

Display interesting product presentations

Displaying unique, inventive, and amusing methods to use your products or services can attract new customers. If you are marketing a certain product or service, strive to identify what makes it unique and share several ways in which it may enhance the lives of your clients.

Special promotions and giveaways

Who doesn’t appreciate freebies? As your Snapchat following grows, you’ll need something to keep them engaged and tuned in every day. Special coupons with exclusive discounts might be a fantastic method to do this. Promos and prizes to consumers who promote your items or take photos of your products may also be an effective approach to engage audiences.

Always remember that promotions should be something your followers look forward to but not something they get on a regular basis. The more frequently you run them, the less impact they have on your audience. Followers will not feel compelled to participate or purchase if they know there will be another one the next day.

Influencer Marketing 

If you own a small firm, you don’t have to hire world-renowned, high-priced influencers like Neil Patel. Start with local niche influencers to see if they’d be willing in trying out your product or service for free in return for a few photographs to support your business.

To locate the proper influencer, begin by assessing your present following and searching Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram for the ideal applicant.

Geo-filters and the proper usage

Geo-filters enable individuals and companies to purchase, or even design, their own customized filters for a certain location and time period.

They are exceptionally good for your business if you are about to host an event. First, they may encourage your customers and followers to attend your event. Second, they are extremely helpful to spread awareness when shared with people who have a high chance of being part of your target audience.

However, in order to make sure you did not spend money without getting any return on advertising spend (ROAS), you need to make sure to post on social media and create signage advertising that you have a filter. Without proper promotion, attendees might not look for your filter. Also, keep in mind that filters can’t feature your website or social media platforms, therefore, you should consider asking your customers to add that information on their snaps.

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