Google Trends is a powerful tool that gives you crucial insights into the number of Google searches for certain subjects or search keywords, as well as the geographic areas where these search queries are most popular.

What more can you do with Google Trends?

Keyword comparison research

Politics, entertainment, nature, science, commerce, travel and leisure, and so on are examples of global topics.

Popular searches: The most popular daily searches by country

Top ten lists: To learn about searches in a certain month for specific people, locations, and things

The best ways to grow your business while using google trends is: 

Investigate changes to your site traffic: 

Have you logged into Google Analytics and observed an unusual dip (or surge) in your site traffic?

Business Growth Manager Alice Stevhaks believes Google Trends may help since it’s “a good tool to check as you investigate a sudden drop or increase in your traffic.” If Google Trends likewise reveals a dip, your traffic drop was most likely connected.”

Synchronize your editorial calendar:  

An editorial calendar is a detailed record that details what material you’re developing, its current status, and when it’s scheduled to be live.

“Once you’ve identified suitable recurring options,” adds business growth manager Adam L. Robert, “my best tip is to plan your content at least a month in advance and publish it well ahead of the event.”

“There are two explanations for this. The first is to ensure that your content gets indexed by Google on schedule and ahead of your competitors.”

“The second reason is that people frequently begin searching for seasonal queries ahead of time – Christmas is an obvious example, but there are others as well.” This allows you to capture any early traffic that you might have missed if you had published your piece closer to the date.”

Find topic cluster ideas

A prominent content marketing technique is the subject cluster model.

It’s a great method to develop SEO-focused material, according to experts, and Google Trends might help you create it, according to the Business Growth Managers team. According to our head of Google Operations, “Google Trends is a fantastic tool for seeing what people are searching for around specific topics.”

“It helps you understand what’s going on in the specific industry so you know what kind of content topics to tackle in order to be relevant to the search needs.”

“For example, when I search for the term digital marketing, I see that people are interested in learning more about the fundamentals of digital marketing, digital marketing conferences, and how to create a digital marketing plan.”

Publish content ideas that are on the rise

“I would say that you can make the most of Google Trends by researching seasonal content ideas,” writes the head of content at Business Growth Managers.

“With it, you can predict what content will pique your users’ interest in a given period.” As a consequence, you may plan ahead of time, for example, 2-3 months, to ensure optimum content indexation and visibility in organic search results. This allows you to address the demands of your consumers while also ranking better in search engines.”


Google Trends allows you to filter search results between:

  1. Web Search
  2. News Search
  3. Image Search
  4. YouTube Search

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